All jewellery is delicate but with the proper care and regular cleaning, you can preserve the beauty of your Romany Starrs pieces for years to come. 

Caring for your jewellery

Sterling silver will tarnish when exposed to perspiration, cosmetics and other strong chemicals such as bleach. Romany recommends storing your jewellery in a safe and dry place when engaging in practical activities or household cleaning to ensure your jewellery continues to look it’s best. 


Romany offers a professional cleaning service which includes any scratches or dirt being removed and any stones or settings being checked to ensure they are secure. The cost of this service is £20 plus special delivery postage. 

When cleaning your jewellery at home; place hot water and green fairy liquid into a dish and allow your piece to soak. Afterwards, using a soft baby toothbrush gently clean your jewellery to get rid of any stubborn dirt. Pat dry with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal. 

When cleaning your jewellery, if you see any movement in the stone, please get in touch with Romany immediately to arrange a repair to avoid you losing your stone. Romany Starrs is not responsible for the loss or damage of stones after purchase. 

Silver cleaning cloths are also available to purchase from Romany Starrs.

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