Influenced by an early fascination with the Bauhaus movement, my work examines the connection between colour and shape. By using repetitive geometric forms in mixed metals and carefully selected vibrant gemstones, I explore the idea that certain colours and shapes can communicate a specific idea or emotion to the wearer. Colour is a big inspiration for me - colour spectrums in particular. I love to add colour to my work, it just brings the piece to life - natural gemstones in particular allow me to make something truly beautiful.

I’m a jewellery designer first and foremost and have the benefit of being able to make my own designs by hand after years at the bench. I utilise traditional methods, as well as embrace new technologies like 3D printing and rapid prototyping techniques. Gaining additional skills in these modern technologies has allowed me to further develop my work and my style.

I consciously employ both traditional and modern practises to create beautiful collections in gold, silver and precious gemstones that showcase my quality craftsmanship and passion for good design. I’m a jewellery designer first and foremost and have the benefit of being able to make my own designs after years at the bench.

Fairtrade Gold

I’m proud to be a Fairtrade Foundation registered Goldsmith. If you would like to commission a piece of jewellery in fairtrade gold please get in touch for options. We can make any piece from the collections or a bespoke commission in fairtrade gold.

Remodelling family heirlooms is an ethical approach to making new jewellery whilst retaining the sentiment of the original piece. I’m more than happy to rework your diamonds and 18ct yellow gold into a beautiful new design.

About Me

I’ve always liked to make things - sounds so simple, but it’s true. After a trip to India with my Aunt at age 14, I returned home with lots of colourful beaded jewellery and started to break it up and make my own designs. The obsession with jewellery started there...

I have been working as a jewellery designer for 20 years. When I’m not at the bench creating, you can find me spending time with my family - being a mum to four amazing children. My two eldest are now involved in the business, which is great!

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